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Personal Financial Insights

Be smart. Be in control. Financial tips to simplify life. Security tips to protect your money and personal information from online scams.

Female dropping a quarter in her savings jar.

It's time to automate your savings.

Automation makes things easier, so how about using it to save money? While it’s not always easy to do, saving money should be one of your prime financial goals, whether it’s for a down payment on a house, a large purchase, or an unexpected emergency.

Female holding a credit card while looking at computer.

Don't let credit card interest cost you money.

Having a credit card can have many benefits, but it can also be costly if you only make the minimum monthly payment. That’s because using the card is like taking out a loan, and loans come with interest charges, meaning the longer it takes to pay your bill, the more you’ll pay in interest costs.

Woman on phone and smiling.

Watch out for prize scams.

The announcement comes via regular mail, email or a phone call. You’ve won a big prize, and now it’s time to collect your money. Don’t do it! It’s probably a scam.

Person inserting key into a secure lock box.

Password managers can help keep your online accounts safe.

You’ve heard the advice about password security. But how are you going to remember all of those passwords when you need them? A password manager might be the answer.

Married couple holding child standing in front of home.

Your credit score matters.

Your credit score is a number derived from your overall credit report and is based primarily on how well you pay your bills and how much you owe. The higher your score, the more likely you are to get a loan... as well as a better interest rate on that loan.

Retired couple walking beach and holding hands.

Retirement: Have you considered an IRA?

Putting money into an IRA helps you save for retirement and get tax breaks at the same time. While there are several types of Individual Retirement Accounts, you’ll most commonly hear about ‘Roth’ and ‘traditional’ IRAs.


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