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Personal Financial Insights

Be smart. Be in control. Financial tips to simplify life. Security tips to protect your money and personal information from online scams. 

The Federal Trade Commission also provides helpful consumer advice covering topics such as credit and loans to identity theft and online security. Learn More

Customer using phone to pay for item.

Have you started using a mobile wallet yet?

It’s a great way to digitally store your credit and debit card information on your mobile device, and it offers convenience and security when making in-store and in-app purchases.

Fishing hook through envelope.

What is phishing and smishing?

Phishing and Smishing are methods criminals use to trick you into giving them personal financial information. Phishing uses an email message to gather that information. Smishing uses an SMS text message to your phone.


Married couple holding child standing in front of home.

Try to avoid common financial mistakes.

What you do with your money can get you into a financial mess – but it can also get you out. 

Digitized padlock.

Keep yourself safe from Medicare scams and fraud.

If you are on Medicare you need to be aware that you might also be on the radar of scammers and fraudsters who try to steal your personal information or charge your plan for medical services and supplies that you don’t need or receive.

Woman on phone and smiling.

What is social engineering?

“Social Engineering” is any method of theft that manipulates your human nature in order to gain access to your online financial accounts.

Paper showing personal data.

Some stolen personal data is more sensitive than others.

A data breach or any other exposure of sensitive data can lead to the theft of your personal information, which can then be used to target financial accounts or to commit fraud in your name.

Picture of $20 dollar bill.

What happens when the Fed raises or lowers interest rates?

When the Federal Reserve raises or lowers rates, it usually will have an effect on consumers, raising or lowering interest rates on things ranging from credit cards, to car loans, to savings.

Combination lock

Tips for creating strong passwords.

Passwords help guard your online accounts, but they are only as strong as you make them.

Snowball rolling down hill.

Paying off Debt: Snowball vs Avalanche.

Sometimes paying off debt can feel impossible, especially if you owe a lot. So, what can you do?

There are two common methods to help stay focused on clearing debt – the snowball and the avalanche.


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