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Experience the convenience of CCB's Online Banking.

• Enhanced Online Security
• Pay bills and make transfers right from the Account Home Page
• Account eAlerts
• Mobile Deposit
• Electronic Notices
• Popmoney - personal payment service
• External Transfers - transfer funds to and from accounts at other financial    institutions
• Live Chat - Available from our website and  within online banking

Review the "Questions & Answers" below or view the Online Banking Video Tutorials located to the right of your screen. 

General FAQ's


What accounts will I be able to view?

All accounts, for which you are an owner, will appear in your Online Banking. If you do not see an account that you should have access to, please contact CCB.

Will I be able to view my monthly statements?

Yes. Statements will be available for viewing online by selecting the eStatements Tab.

Can my accounts have eAlerts?

Yes. eAlerts are notifications sent to you, via email or text, when certain events occur to your accounts. To manage your eAlerts, select " [0] eAlerts" above your "List of Accounts" on the Accounts overview screen.


Will Online Banking provide my transaction history and image copies of checks?


Will I be able to categorize my transactions in expense categories?

Yes. Your transactions can be assigned an expense category. In addition, there is a Spending Report section and colorful pie-chart on the account home page.


Will I be able to transfer between my accounts?

Yes. Our online banking provides options for express transfers and scheduled or recurring transfers.

How do I set up external transfers to my accounts at other financial institutions?

First, you need to have our Bill Pay feature activated. Select the "Transfer Money" tab located on the Bill Payment Center. Then follow the simple instructions to set the amount, date, and frequency.

How do I transfer money to my friends using Popmoney?

Just select the Popmoney tab located on your Bill Payment Center. Then follow the instructions to set the amount, friend's mobile number or email address.


Make paying your bills fast, easy, and secure.

We use CheckFree as our bill pay service and offer the following payment options - scheduled, same day payment, and over-night delivery.

Do you offer Person-To-Person payments?

Yes. Popmoney is available within our bill pay service. Now paying friends or family couldn't be easier. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number.


How do I enroll in Mobile Banking, SMS text, and Mobile eAlerts?

First, you must login to your Online Banking, select the Options tab, then Manage Device under Mobile Banking Profile.

If your phone is web enabled, you can simply visit our website, answer your security question and start banking right away. If you use an iPhone or Android based device, just download our APP (bankCCB) from the respective App store.

How do I set-up SMS Text Banking and/or Mobile eAlerts?

If you would like to use our SMS and/or eAlerts texting features, begin by logging into your account. Locate "Mobile Banking Profile" under Options. Select Manage Device > I want to: change my mobile banking services. Save our CCB Mobile Text Number 995-88 in your Contacts.

Use these simple text commands to receive up-to-date account information.

BAL = Current Account Balance
HIST + Acct Nickname = Transaction History
HELP = Contact Information
STOP = Cancel SMS Banking Service

How do I set-up Mobile Deposit? 

With Mobile Deposit you can deposit checks any time of the day or night. Depending on the time of deposit, it may be posted same business day. Mobile Deposit is as safe and secure as Online Banking. Just snap two pictures of your check, choose your account, and your deposit is complete.

Interested applicants must be enrolled for mobile banking. At the time of enrollment, customers are prompted to read and accept the mobile banking disclosures which include terms and conditions for mobile deposit. Once accepted, customers will need to notify CCB Community at 334-222-2561 expressing their interest in the remote deposit feature. Certain qualifications must be met in order to be approved. If the customer is granted access to the feature, CCB will set the customer a deposit limit and will notify the customer by mail of the details. There is no fee for this service.





Business Collage


Business Online Banking - Powerful business banking tools at your fingertips.

With Business Online Banking, you can save time, improve your cash flow, and streamline your cash management procedures all in a fully secure environment.

  • Real-time Account Balances
  • Direct Deposit of Payroll
  • ACH Origination
  • Multi-user access
  • Transfer Funds between accounts in real time
  • State and Federal Tax Payments
  • Business Bill Pay services
  • Administrative Tools that allow you to organize and manage your financial information

Watch the video tutorials, on the right, for more detailed information.

Tell us what challenges or opportunities are facing your business today, and we'll develop a solution.










Click here for a guide to getting Quicken setup to work with our NEW site!


Quicken Conversion Guide


 Special Notice to Quicken Users

Quicken has discontinued Quicken 2012 connected services which enables you to download your financial transactions and balance information automatically into Quicken. You will need to upgrade to Quicken 2015 to continue using this service.

You can manually export your transactions from your CCB Online Banking and import into Quicken.  We've listed some helpful steps below. Should you have any questions or for assistance in using the export/import function within Online Banking, please call our CCB Customer Care Center, at 334.222.2569 during regular business hours.

To Export transactions from within CCB's Online Banking 

1. Log into your CCB Online Banking with your regular credentials
2. Select the account you wish to export the transactions for
3. Select the Transactions Tab
4. Under the drop down box, select export transactions.
5. You will enter the date from and through
6. From the drop down box for Export Format, select the Quicken option.
7. Select Export
8. This will create a file that you will save on your desktop.
9. After the file is created, log into Quicken and import the file. 



User's Current Method User's Future Connection Method Quicken Windows Quicken Mac Quickbooks Windows Quickbooks Mac
Web Connect Web Connect

Download Button

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Express Web Connect Express Web Connect

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 Web Connect  Web Connect  2006-2007 ------------->>>

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Web Connect Express Web Connect

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Express Web Connect Web Connect

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Which version of Internet Explorer am I using?
Open your Internet. Click Help in the top Menu bar, and then click About Internet Explorer. Make sure you've always got the latest version of Internet Explorer by turning on automatic upgrades. For more information visit:


Tips and Guidelines for Online Banking





If you are new to CCB's Online Banking, you will need to enroll.  


To begin, simply click on the "Enroll Now" link at top of page.


Select your enrollment type.


Begin by typing in your CCB account number, then continue with your personal information.


After you submit, follow the screens provided to set-up your security credentials.


If you are using your personal computer, be sure to select "This is a personal computer" to avoid having to answer a challenge question at every login.






Once logged in, you will see an overview of your financial information. Above "List of Accounts," always check to see if there are any Secure Messages or eAlerts waiting for you. eAlerts are notifications sent to you when certain account events occur. To set-up your eAlerts, select the link.


List of Accounts are organized in categories which will display their total balance. Within each category you will see partial account numbers, along with nicknames, which can be assigned from the "Options Tab" page, plus up-to-date account balances. As items are processed your balances are updated providing the most current information available. You can view all your transaction activity and images of your checks for each account, by selecting it.


Transactions provide a view of your transaction activity occuring on the same business day. If you would like to view another account, just select it from the Account drop down.


Transaction Search provides the ability to quickly search account history by specific transactions.


Spending Report shows you a breakdown of your expenses. There may be times when you want to assign a different category to a transaction. Just select the category, locate the transaction you want to change in the list, note the date and the amount, then close the window. Go to the account associated with the transaction. From the "Transaction Tab" menu, select All Transactions. Locate the item in the list. Then select the "edit icon" to the right of the Category column, assign the new category and save the change.


Express Transfer allows you to quickly transfer money between your accounts. You can also set up recurring and scheduled transfers by selecting the Advanced Transfer or Advanced Scheduled links.


Next should be Checkfree, your bill pay center. If it is not available, and you want to add the Bill Pay feature, follow these steps:

    1) Hover your mouse cursor over the Accounts Tab (at top of page) then hover your cursor over the account number you wish to add bill pay. Another menu will appear to the right, then select Bill Payment.

    2) A new screen will appear asking you to type in your email address and submit.

    3) Accept the Terms and Conditions.

    4) Log off your Online Banking and log back in. Your Checkfree Bill Pay Center should then be available on the Overview screen.To set-up and manage your billers, select Advanced Bill Payment Options at the bottom. Once you set up your billers, you can pay bills quickly from the Overview screen. Just select a biller (company to pay), select a Pay Date (Date on which the bill will be paid) and, type an Amount (10.00 in this format). Then select "Make Payment" and the payment will be scheduled to be paid.Popmoney is our personal payment service so you can send money to your friends and family with just their cell phone number or email address.Transfer Money allows you to transfer funds between accounts you may have at other financial institutions.




When selecting your checking account number from the Overview page,

a new page will open with the following tab options.






You can see a detailed overview of each of your accounts by selecting it from the "Accounts Tab" or "Transactions Menu" drop-down list.


Account Information will provide a brief balance summary and Interest information if aplicable. 


Express Transfer helps you move money from one account to another, quickly.


Transaction Activity provides several formats to view your transaction by selecting one from the drop down menu. If you want to change the date sequence (ascending or descending) click the small gray triangle next the to word "Date."


Transfers, the last section, features your scheduled transfers. And, for convenience, you can select "Create New Scheduled Transfer" from this section.




On the left, you will see brief balance summaries for the specific account. For detailed summaries of the account's transactions, hover your mouse cursor over the "Transactions" tab and make your selection.


Transaction Search provides the convenience to search for specific transactions and view your results or export to your desktop or financial software, such as Quicken.


Image Search is a quick way to search for specific check images.






Take care of your bills in 3 easy steps.


Use Popmoney, our personal payment service, to send money to your friends and family with just their cell phone number or email address.


Transfer Money allows you to transfer funds between accounts you may have at other financial institutions.






Set up recurring transfers, express transfers, or view your transfer list.






This section is used to request a stop payment on checks only. To dispute a debit card purchase or ACH, please contact Customer Care at 334.222.2569 or toll free 855.491.2273. There may be a fee for this service.


View a list of all your recent stop payments from the Stop Pay List.






Personalizing, updating, and managing your account information is simple.


Starting from the top you can change your password you use to login, update the email address you use to receive notifications, and change the Security Questions and Answers.


Mobile Banking Profile allows you to enroll in our Mobile Banking service or manage the mobile devices you use to access your information.


Personalize the Account Nicknames used to display your accounts.


And last, you can Enroll, View or Edit your eStatement Enrollment.






Select the account and date range to view current and past monthly bank statements.






Select "Checking Notifications" to setup new Alerts or view/delete Alert Notifications received.