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Glossary of Terms

ROB     Retail Online Banking.  This is your CCB Online Banking Account where you view your account, transactions, transfers, bill payments and more. 
BOB  Business Online Banking.




CheckMark  If you've never logged into ROB (Retail Online Banking) you'll need to enroll.  To begin simply click on the "Enroll Now" link.
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CheckMark  Pick your enrollment type.
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CheckMark  Type in your information after choosing your enrollment type.  If you know your account number should have zeros at the beginning and that it is more than eight digits then enter them.  Most account numbers will only have eight digits however.
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CheckMark  To login you simply need to navigate to the home page and enter your id for personal users.
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CheckMark  If you are having to answer one of your security questions on every login, they can select the radio button for “This is a personal computer” and they will no longer have to answer a challenge question every time. 
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To get the Bill Pay widget to work on the main page you must click the Advanced Bill Payment Options link and accept the agreement. You may then have to sign out and back in to get the widget to load.

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CheckMark To pay bills simply login and look to the checkfree interface on the right hand side of the initial account login page.  Here you can select a biller (company to pay), select a Pay Date (Date on which the bill will be paid) and, type an Amount (10.00 in this format).  You would then select "Make Payment" and the payment would be scheduled to be paid.  To add a company or bill simply click on "Advanced Bill Payment Options".
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CheckMark You can go to Advanced Bill Payment Options to add a compnay/bill to pay and view payments made and scheduled payments.
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You can hover your pointer over the Accounts menu, then hover over an account to get the same menu options as seen when you click on the account. This can be used as a shortcut to quickly navigate; ie If you don’t have to click on the account to go to the All Transactions page, you can access it through these hover over menus.

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 Retail Online Banking (ROB) Account Nicknames are viewable by everyone who has access to ROB.  So, you should be mindful of that whenever you are applying nicknames to your various accounts.

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 CheckMark  When you are viewing Retail Online Banking (ROB) there is a Transaction Activity box on the main page as you log in.  This contains today's transactions in a running ledger.
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 CheckMark  You can view more detailed Transaction Activity by hovering over the "Accounts" hover drop down at the top left and selecting the name of the account.  This will bring up a more detailed and dynamic transaction activity box.  You can view different transactions by selecting the options from the drop down at the top left of the transaction box.  You can also sort your transactions by date and, transaction type.
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CheckMark You can also print your transactions by clicking on the printer icon.
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